Amaryllis After-Care

OK, so your Amaryllis (a.k.a. Hippeastrum) bulb has bloomed. Now what? Don’t throw it in the trash or the compost bin! With a little care, they can bloom again for you next year. Every winter, I love growing these amazing bulbs because it makes me feel like I’m gardening while the snow is flying outside. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous […]

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Song Sparrow Video

When I conducted my reader survey a few months ago, I learned that many of you aren’t Facebook users so I have been trying to do a good job of also posting items on my blog. (I hope you have perhaps noticed there are more blog posts these days!) I recently shot a short video on a song sparrow and […]

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Great Backyard Bird Count

song sparrow, Great Backyard Bird Count

Do you enjoy birdwatching? There’s an event coming up that I think we bird-lovers should all get involved in: The Great Backyard Bird Count. This year, it takes place from Feb. 16 to 19. It’s so easy to participate in it, too. There’s no fee and you don’t have to travel anywhere… other than walking out your door and counting […]

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Time to Pot Up Geraniums!


If you overwintered your geraniums using my method of knocking the soil off the roots and storing them in a bag or box, it’s time to pot them up again. I don’t know about you, but I find that exciting because it means spring really is coming! I just potted up mine and had fairly good results from the overwintering […]

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Seed-Starting Terminology

seed-starting, stratification

I recently wrote about using “vernalization” for starting artichoke seeds. There are two other seed-starting terms that you might find both interesting and useful when growing certain types of plants: stratification and scarification. I thought it might be helpful to define and elaborate on all three terms here so everything is together in one place for you: Vernalization: This is […]

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