Seed-Starting Terminology

seed-starting, stratification

I recently wrote about using “vernalization” for starting artichoke seeds. There are two other seed-starting terms that you might find both interesting and useful when growing certain types of plants: stratification and scarification. I thought it might be helpful to define and elaborate on all three terms here so everything is together in one place for you: Vernalization: This is […]

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Growing Productive Artichokes


Do you grow artichokes in your garden? I’ve been growing them for quite a few years now and have noticed that the plants can vary widely in productivity.  Here in Spokane, Wash., which is in USDA zones 5 and 6, artichokes need to be grown as annuals. Each year, I start the seeds indoors around the first of March. I […]

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Failures Lead to Successes!

raised bed gardening

Have you ever noticed how we humans tend to focus on the things we have done wrong, rather than all of the things we’ve done right? Well, we gardeners are no exception. We often fixate on our “failures” rather than learning from them, which ultimately leads to success in our gardens. As a garden writer, I often hear from readers […]

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