Tulle Netting

Tulle nettingLike floating row cover, Tulle netting is useful for organic pest control in the garden.

Tulle is the netting used in bridal veils and can be found at fabric stores such as JoAnn’s. It’s quite inexpensive (especially if you have a coupon!) and comes in wide widths. I prefer the netting with the smallest holes.

I only use Tulle to cover the beds where I’m growing cabbage family crops. The netting holes are small enough to prevent cabbage butterflies from laying eggs on the leaves. But there are two other reasons I like it:

  1. Since cabbage crops are cool-season crops, the Tulle netting allows for more air circulation around the plants than floating row cover does.
  2. Since cabbage crops can be bothered by slugs, it’s important to me to be able to easily see through the netting and keep an eye on what’s going on under it! That’s something I can’t do with floating row cover, because it’s too densely-woven.

Just like with floating row cover, I place the Tulle netting on hoops over the bed and I weight it down so it won’t blow off on a windy day. Be careful when lifting it because it can tear; but if you are gentle with it, the netting will last for 2-3 years.

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