Kaolin Clay (Surround)

apples surroundKaolin clay is one of the tools we use to keep apple codling moths from laying their eggs on our apples. It comes in powder form and is mixed with water and then sprayed on both the apples and leaves.

The kaolin clay mixture coats the leaves and developing fruits; scientists believe the film left behind either confuses the codling moths into thinking they’re not on a surface for laying eggs on or it creates a barrier that makes it difficult for the microscopic larvae to penetrate the apple.

In the photo above, you can see the kaolin clay coating on the leaves and apples, the latter of which also have apple maggot barriers on them.

apples - surround - kaolin clayThe most common brand of kaolin clay is Surround At Home Crop Protectant. We found it years ago at a local farm store and discovered that Gardens Alive! carries it (see link above).

For the method and timing of kaolin clay applications, please refer to my blog post, Growing apples organically – 2017.

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