Nuthatch, White-breasted

Latin name: Sitta carolinensisNuthatch, white-breasted

Length, wingspan:5.75″, 11″

What they eat: Insects and seeds

Habitat: Woodlands and adjacent areas

Where they nest: Tree cavities

My observations: You might think this photo is upside-down, but I’m pretty sure nuthatches spend more of their lives in that position, rather than right-side up! You’ll typically see them scooting along — up, down and sideways — on tree trunks, ever in search of a tasty bug. But they also love their seeds and will often be seen at sunflower feeders or even on blocks of suet. Nuthatches have been known to hide seeds within crevices in tree bark, for eating later in the winter. They have a nasal call that I think sounds like “nyit, nyit.” I’m always thrilled to get to see these petite birds in our garden since I know they love eating insects!

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