Codling Moth Monitoring Traps

apple codling moth trapIf you live in an area that gets apple codling moths, it’s crucial to know when they are active in the area. The best way to accomplish this is to purchase and hang codling moth monitoring traps.

You can find apple codling moth traps at a large, well-stocked garden center (try Northwest Seed & Pet in the Spokane area), or online.

The purpose of the traps is not to kill the moths — although the ones that do get caught die — but rather to be aware of them. As you can see by the photo, the traps are made from a waxy paper and you hang them in a tree (or trees) within your orchard, or in your apple tree(s).

codling moth trapsThe traps contain a pheromone (sex hormone) that attracts the adult moths. When they fly into the trap, hoping to find females, they get caught in a sticky substance.

Monitor the traps daily and as soon as you identify codling moths in them (other types of insects can get caught, too), it’s time to act!

For more information on the control of apple codling moth, please refer to my blog post on Growing apples organically – 2017.

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