Preserving the Harvest

catsupWhile eating the fresh produce from our gardens is the best part of growing them, it’s important to know how to preserve your harvest to enjoy during the fall and winter months.

Over the past few years, I’ve been blogging about the methods we use, which mostly involve canning and freezing. I’ve also shared  the occasional recipe to give you ideas on how to enjoy what you’ve preserved.

cannerNow I’ve put it all together in this new guide to preserving the harvest! I intend to continually add to it so both new and seasoned gardeners alike will know what to do with the awesome goodies they’ve grown. Each link in the table below will take you directly to my post with detailed instructions. Enjoy!

And as always, if you have a suggestion or question on this topic, just drop me a note at Thanks.

Type of produceMethod/recipe
ApplesHow to make chunky applesauce
BeansHow to freeze beans
Beans (Fava)Harvest and prepare fava beans
BerriesHow to freeze berries
CeleryHow to freeze celery
ChardHow to freeze Swiss chard
CornCooking ears of corn in microwave
GrapesHow to make grape juice
Harvest, when toEnjoying the harvest means knowing the signs (column)
LeeksHow to make leek and potato soup (video)
LeeksHarvesting and storing leeks (video)
OnionsFreezing onions
OnionsWhen to harvest onions
ParsnipsPotato-Parsnip recipe
ParsnipsWhat to do with parsnips
PeasPea soup recipe
PeppersPreserving peppers
PlumsHow to make spiced plum butter
PotatoesPotato-Parsnip recipe
PumpkinsHow to make a homemade pumpkin pie
Squash (winter)How to cook butternut squash (video)
Squash (winter), pumpkinsHarvesting and storing winter squash and pumpkins (video)
Squash (winter), pumpkinsStoring winter squash and pumpkins
Squash (winter)How to cook winter squash
Squash (winter)How to cure squash for longterm storage (video)
Squash (winter), pumpkinsWhen to harvest winter squash and pumpkins (video)
Storing/using produceGarden leftovers means extended bounty (column)
Swiss chardHow to freeze Swiss chard
TomatillosTomatillo harvest
TomatoesHow to make oven-roasted tomato sauce
TomatoesStoring, ripening green tomatoes
TomatoesHow to make green tomatoes ripen (video)
TomatoesEarly August tomato pruning to ripen tomatoes
TomatoesLate August tomato pruning to ripen tomatoes
TomatoesHow to Make a Tomato-Pesto Sandwich
TomatoesHow to make tomato catsup
Tomatoes (cherry)Dehydrating cherry tomatoes
Vegetables (general)How to make vegetable soup
When to harvest veggiesEnjoying the harvest means knowing the signs (column)