My Backyard Birds

Yup, this is a long list! I've seen the following birds in and around my garden over the years. For each bird that I have decent photos and/or videos of, I'll write up a profile page. So if you see an active link below, click on it to read the profile, which contains my personal observations.
Bird NameLink
Bluebird, WesternProfile
Catbird, GrayProfile
Chickadee, Black-cappedProfile
Chickadee, MountainProfile
Crossbill, RedProfile
Dove, Eurasian CollaredProfile
Dove, MourningProfile
Duck, MallardProfile
Eagle, BaldProfile
Eagle, Golden
Finch (House, Cassin’s, Purple)Profile (House Finch)
Flicker, NorthernProfile
Goldfinch, AmericanProfile
Grosbeak (Black-headed, Pine)Profile
Hawk, Cooper’sProfile
Hawk, Marsh
Hawk, Northern GoshawkProfile
Hawk, Red-tailedProfile
Hawk, Sharp-shinnedProfile
Hummingbirds (Rufous, Black-chinned, Calliope)Profile
Junco, Dark-eyedProfile
Kestrel, American
Kingbird (Eastern, Western)Profile (Eastern)
Kinglet, Golden-crowned
Meadowlark, Western
Nuthatch (Pgymy, Red-Breasted, White-Breasted)Profile (White-Breasted)
Owl, Great Horned
Phoebe, Say’sProfile
Pine SiskinProfile
Quail, CaliforniaProfile
Redpoll, CommonProfile
Shrike, NorthernProfile
Sparrow (Chipping, White-throated, White-crowned, Lark, Song)Profile (profiles of White-throated and White-crowned only)
Starling, EuropeanProfile
Swallow (Violet-green, Barn)
Thrush, Varied
Towhee, SpottedProfile
Townsend’s SolitaireProfile
Vireo, Cassin’s
Vulture, Turkey
Warblers (Yellow-rumped, Wilson’s)Profile (Yellow-rumped)
Waxings (Bohemian and Cedar)Profile
Woodpecker, Downy and HairyProfile
Wren, HouseProfile