Product review: Water Right garden hose

You might be thinking that all garden hoses are the same, right? Nope! After hearing high praise for the Water Right garden hose from fellow garden writer Joe Lamp’l (host of “Growing a Greener World”), I decided I should investigate it further. After all, I know you appreciate hearing about great gardening products. I’ll be honest with you: this hose […]

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Potato grow bag update #1

This is the grow bag before… Remember how I planted some of my seed potatoes in a grow bag about a month ago? (here’s a video about that, as well as on how to plant potatoes, on my YouTube channel.) Well, I was checking on it today and noticed that the potatoes had sprouted pretty well so it was time […]

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New product: OrnamenTrap from Rescue!

There’s a new product out from the Rescue! company, which is based in Liberty Lake, Wash. They’re the same folks who bring you those yellow jacket traps that work so well. This new product, called the OrnamenTrap, will trap yellow jackets and nuisance flies but has been designed to enhance your outdoor decor rather than be something you want to hide from […]

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