Duck, Mallard

mallard ducksLatin name: Anas platyrhynchos

Length, wingspan: 23″, 35″

What they eat: Aquatic vegetation, some insects and grains

Plants that attract: Wetlands, water gardens

Where they nest: In a depression on the ground

mallard duckMy observations: If you want some Mallards to come for a visit, it’s very helpful to have a pond! Ours is about 11 feet x 17 feet (see photo at bottom), with a small waterfall. Apparently it looks inviting enough to a pair of ducks that drop by a couple of times each year, just long enough for a swim, a quick nibble on some algae, a little preening, and then off they go. Mallards are very common ducks with what appearsĀ to be sweet dispositions. Adult males have beautiful green heads (note top photo) while females (to left) are more drab. According to my research, Mallards are referred to as “dabbling ducks” because they don’t dive for food, they just pitch forward in the water to snag bits of aquatic vegetation.

pond, mallard ducks

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