Raven, Common

Latin name: Corvus coraxraven

Length, wingspan: 24″, 46″

What they eat: Omnivorous, prefer carrion.

Plants that attract: Primarily more rural or woodland areas, but very adaptable.

Where they nest: Trees, cliffs, power poles.

My observations: Ravens are members of the Corvid family, along with jays, magpies and crows. They are extremely intelligent and have very large bodies with huge, strong beaks. You’ll often see them on road kill and carcasses in fields. They will also eat rodents, insects, grain, pet food, fish, bird eggs and so on. I often used to confuse crows and ravens, especially when it was difficult to determine how large they were from my vantage point. I’ve since learned a general rule of thumb for our area, which is that we typically see crows in cities and ravens in the country. They are fairly gregarious and often work together. When they fly overhead, you’ll hear a surprisingly loud “whoosh, whoosh, whoosh” of their large wings. It’s pretty darned cool!


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