Goldfinch, American

Laattracting birds, goldfinchtin name: Carduelis tristis

Length, wingspan: 5″, 9″

What they eat: Seeds from flower heads as well as purchased sunflower and Nyjer thistle.

Plants that attract: Sunflowers, thistle, coneflowers (Echinacea, black-eyed Susans, bee balm (Monarda).

Where they nest: Trees and shrubs.

My observations: About the size of a sparrow, goldfinches have got to be my most favorite backyard bird! They have a sweet call that reminds me of porpoise squeaks, they get along well with other birds (especially other finches, Pine Siskins and Common Redpolls), and their breeding plumage is stunning. They are in my garden year-round. I’ve posted a lot of photos and videos of goldfinches and they are always THE most popular with my readers!

This is my most popular video of all time, with well over one million views! It illustrates the importance of leaving seed heads in the garden during the fall and winter months, since they are an important nutrition source for them. And who wouldn’t want to watch their antics as they hang upside-down from seed heads as they gather seeds?!

This second video gives you the opportunity to hear a male goldfinch singing:

In this final video, watch a goldfinch nibbling thistle seeds:

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