Apple Codling Moth Attractant

While I haven’t had personal experience making and using an apple codling moth attractant, a reader of mine told me how effective it is so I wanted to let you know about it.

She was responding to one of my blog posts about growing apples organically, where I detailed all of the steps my husband and I go through to thwart those awful apple codling moths and their larvae.

Her comment was that she only uses the attractant and has about an 80% success rate, meaning 80% of her apples are worm-free. Wow. She wondered if she should also go to the trouble of covering her apples with nylon footies , in order to get a 100% success rate.

I was impressed that she was only doing the attractant and having great results with it! I told her it probably wasn’t worth the effort or expense to do the footies. So this is a route I definitely want to go next year.

The main ingredient in the attractant is molasses, which apparently does a great job of drawing and catching codling moths.

I found two sources for information on making the attractant, that I think will be helpful to you. Here’s the first one, which is a video on YouTube:

And here is a website post that’s quite detailed on the process: “How to Make a Codling Moth Trap and Lure“.

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