Kingbird, Eastern

Eastern kingbirdLatin name: Tyrannus tyrannus

Length, wingspan: 9″, 14″

What they eat: Insects, occasionally berries

Habitat: Grasslands, orchards, open areas

Where they nest: Trees in open areas

My observations: OK, I have to be honest with you: the Eastern Kingbird’s Latin name makes me chuckle! While it means “tyrant tyrant,” it reminds me of how the Tyrannosaurus rex is called “terrible lizard.” And that makes me think the Kingbird’s popular name is “terrible terrible!” I’m guessing they got their name by popular vote in the insect world! But seriously, I’m sure the name comes from their skill at catching all sorts of insects and that means they are most welcome in my garden. As you can see, Eastern Kingbirds have dark gray heads, backs, wings and tail feathers, and pristine white breasts, tummies, tail coverts and tail feather tips. They are about the size oEastern kingbirdf a Robin and are often seen fluttering over their hunting grounds in search of insect prey and making a quick swoop down when they spot it. Alas, they are only summer visitors in my garden but I’m happy to have them here nonetheless.



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