Why Go Organic?

I’ve been gardening organically — and successfully — for many years now. It’s very doable when you’re armed with a bit of information. But first and foremost, let’s chat about why it’s important to go organic:

  1. Pesticides can be non-selective. It doesn’t matter if it’s an aphid or a ladybug: if you spray either of them, they both will likely die.
  2. Pesticides are harmful to us! I don’t know about you, but the whole reason I grow my own food is to know how the food was handled and that it is very safe to eat. And I worry about the health impacts of handling chemicals. The labels on pesticides and other chemicals are required by law to indicate how soon it is safe to eat an edible crop that has been treated. But I worry about residues and the long-term effects of those chemicals, especially ones our scientific community isn’t aware of as yet. I’d rather err on the safe side!
  3. Pesticides frequently injure or kill pollinators. If we didn’t have pollinators, we would very quickly lose our food sources, which is frightening.
  4. More often than not, if we see a problem and wait a bit before acting, nature will resolve that problem. That’s because our environment is balanced when it hasn’t been impacted by pesticides and other types of chemicals.

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