Eagle, Bald

Bald eagleLatin name: Haliaeetus leucocephalis

Length, wingspan: 31″, 80″

What they eat: Fish, mammals, reptiles

Habitat that attracts: Coniferous trees, open areas, lakes, rivers

Where they nest: Primarily near the tops of trees, sometimes cliffs

My observations: You probably weren’t expecting me to say I have Bald Eagles in my garden, were you? But, yes, they have perched at the tops of nearby pine trees and soared overhead many a time — causing my chickens and the coveys of quail to run for cover! The sheer size and strength of these eagles is magnificent. Mature adult eagles have the easily distinguishable white heads and tail feathers, while immature birds have brown feathers and speckled breasts. Considering their size, it’s always surprising to hear their calls which mainly consist of mild-mannered little chirps. But boy, is their huge wing span impressive as they soar high above on thermals!

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