Feb. 26 column: Garden Site Selection

garden view, garden site selectionIt’s time for my next garden column! In it, discuss important considerations for garden site selection for growing vegetables. Here is a link to it, in today’s edition of The Spokesman-Review: First step, selecting the right site.

As you know, I’ll be filming a series of videos throughout this season that will coincide with each column. Here is my second “Everyone Can Grow A Garden” video to further explain what you read about today:

I mentioned in my video that I would include a list of some of the vegetable crops that will tolerate less sunlight, so here it is. As you can see, leafy greens are the most willing to put up with a little shade! But hey, it’s better than NOT having a garden, right?

Chinese cabbage
Pak choi
Swiss chard

Last April, I wrote a column and blog post on growing vegetables in shady areas. Be sure to read it for more ideas.

And last but not least, here are some ideas for vining types of veggies that you can grow on trellises and arbors:

Peas (sugar snap, shelling or snow pea types)
Pole beans
Trombone zucchini squash (i.e., ‘Trombetta di Albenga‘ from Renee’s Garden)
Small melons (i.e., ‘Minnesota Midget’, ‘Tuscan Napoli’, ‘Arava’ honeydew)
Small winter squash (i.e., ‘Sweet Dumpling’ or ‘Delicata’)