Feb. 19 column: Favorite vegetable varieties

gate, vegetable varieties

Well, today’s a momentous day! It’s the start of my column-writing season with today’s being about my go-to vegetable varieties. And, what’s particularly exciting is that I’m pairing each of my columns with a video this year.

The videos are part of my new series called “Everyone Can Grow A Garden!” and will allow me to expand on what I’ve written in my columns.

Here’s a link to today’s column in The Spokesman-Review: Unlocking the secrets to successful gardening for all. In it, I primarily discuss the vegetable varieties I love to grow year after year because they perform so well in my garden.

I’ve also posted a list of everything I’m growing this year, both tried-and-true favorites and the new cultivars I’ll be planting. If you’re curious about when I’m sowing everything, check out my planting schedule.

Here is today’s video. I kept this one short because it’s more of an introductory one. I think you’ll get a kick out of the current state of my garden! Now you know why I have cabin fever!

One more thing: you’ll be able to find all of my videos on my YouTube channel and links to them on this website under the Videos menu.