Vegetable garden tour #2

vegetable garden tour, cantaloupe, Insect ID

About 3 weeks ago, I took you on a tour of my vegetable garden. Now that we’re at the end of June, I thought you might like to see how it’s coming along so here is the “official” vegetable garden tour #2!

I wanted to make a correction on something I said in my video. When I talked about the ‘Sugar Magnolia’ purple-pod sugar-snap peas, I meant to say it was developed by Alan Kapuler, not John. Whoops! My apologies for the error.

For the most part, everything is growing well but there have been a few hiccups along the way: poor carrot and spinach seed germination, pillbugs munching on the stems of my melon and cucumber seedlings, crazy temperature fluctuations and more. Despite all this, I never cease to be amazed by how most of the plants overcome whatever challenges come their way!

I still have 4 beds covered and they’ll remain covered for the rest of the season: the lettuce bed has bird netting over it to keep nibbling birds at bay; the cabbage bed has bridal veil fabric over it to keep cabbage butterflies from laying eggs on the leaves; and there’s floating row cover over the beds that have kale and mizuna (to keep cabbage butterflies away) and Swiss chard and beets (to keep the leaf miner adults from laying eggs on the leaves).

Otherwise, everything else is uncovered and plants that required thinning (i.e., carrots and parsnips) are good to go.

vegetable garden tour, Sugar Magnolia peaSome of the milestones in the garden at this point are young ‘Tuscan Napoli’ melons (see photo at top), small tomatoes and little zucchinis. The photo to the left is of the ‘Sugar Magnolia’ pea I mentioned in this video. It’s the first purple sugar-snap pea, developed by John Kapuler. They are crunchy and delicious!

Stay tuned for the next video update. I hope you’re enjoying them so far and don’t hesitate to ask questions about what you’re seeing. Just drop me a note at Happy gardening!