Review: GrowEase seed-starting kit

If you enjoy starting your own plants from seed as much as I do, you’ll be excited to hear about a wonderful new seed-starting kit. It’s the GrowEase Seed-Starter kit from Gardener’s Supply.

Here’s a short video on the kit’s features:

Why do I like this seed-starting kit so much?

  1. All of the components are very durable.
  2. The seed-starting tray, support system and water reservoir are dishwasher-safe! That means you can easily wash and sterilize them before planting your seeds… thus keeping them free of disease. That’s a big deal.
  3. The water reservoir keeps the seedlings evenly moist so they won’t be over- or under-watered. That helps them grow at a steady pace.
  4. The clear plastic lid is much stronger than any I’ve found in seed-starting kits so it should last a long time. Think how easy it is to crack most lids!

Here are close-ups of the various components:

grow ease kit pics 017_crop

This is the water reservoir. If you keep it filled, it will water your seedlings so you don’t have to think about it. That allows you to go out of town for a few days without asking someone to come water them for you.

grow ease kit pics 018_crop

Below are two views of the support system. When the points face downward, they support the seed-starting tray (left) directly above the water. When they point upward, they’re used to help push the soil blocks that hold each seedling out of the seed-starting tray for transplanting purposes (right)

grow ease kit pics 019_cropgrow ease kit pics 020_crop

The next two photos show the seed-starting tray when it’s right-side up (left) and upside-down (right), so you can see the drainage holes and central holes which line up with the pegs on the support system when you need to transplant your seedlings.

grow ease kit pics 022_cropgrow ease kit pics 023_crop


The final photo below demonstrates how you place the seed-starting tray on top of the support pegs to push the soil blocks out of each cell, just in case I’ve confused you!

grow ease kit pics 024_crop

Considering how durable this kit is, I think the prices are very reasonable. The 12-cell kit costs $9.95 and the 24-cell kit is $16.95.

With all of the seed-starting I do, I find both sizes come in handy. Occasionally, I just need to plant a small amount of seeds, so using the smaller 12-cell kit makes a lot of sense. The 24-cell kit will work well for the majority of the other seed-planting I do.

Have fun with your seed-starting projects!