How to Plant Amaryllis Bulbs Indoors

Amaryllis bulbs

If you’re already missing being able to play in the dirt outdoors, I’ve got a fun project for you: planting Amaryllis bulbs indoors! If you’re not familiar with these amazing bulbs, they are known for their huge size and drop-dead gorgeous flowers. They are super easy to grow and such a joy when they’re in bloom.

You can find Amaryllis bulbs in garden centers, home centers and in all sorts of other stores. This is the time of year you’ll see them as a lot of folks like to give them as gifts during the holidays. You’ll often see Amaryllis bulb “kits,” where you get the bulb, pot and planting medium. And sometimes you can just purchase a bulb and use your own container and potting soil.

I’ve just finished shooting a video on planting Amaryllis bulbs, complete with some growing tips. Take a look:

I do hope you’ll plant some Amaryllis bulbs to enjoy during the winter months and also give some as gifts. Any gardener would be thrilled to receive one!