Clever ideas: Garden trellises

Garden trellisesWhile I was on the Spokane in Bloom garden tour a couple of weekends ago, I saw some clever ideas that I wanted to share with you.

The first idea was rose arbors that had been anchored inside of raised beds (see top photo). As you can see, they were just gorgeous and very popular with garden visitors that day. It turns out the raised beds are made of a heavy-duty plastic material and were purchased at Costco, although the owners weren’t sure if this particular type was still available. But what a neat way to put an arbor wherever you want it, while providing the plants with plenty of soil to grow in! In addition, that creates an attractive privacy screen for their backyard.

Garden trellisesThe second idea I liked was at the same garden. In their backyard, there is a chain-link fence that is about 4 feet tall. The owners bought some attractive trellises and attached them to the fence to create more privacy and to provide supports for vines to grow on. They used heavy-duty zip-ties to attach the trellises to the fence. As you can see in the second photo, they look great.

One of the reasons I like this idea is because I think that would create a tall, sturdy fence to keep the deer out. I’d like to incorporate this in our side fence for that very reason, also the trellises would dress up the area as well.

The owner said she bought the trellises at Home Depot but I would think you could find some at just about any garden center. If you’d like to see more detail in either of the photos, just click on them.