Gardens in Europe: University of Basel Botanical Garden (pt. 2)

University of Basel Botanical GardenHere are more photos from the University of Basel’s botanical garden. The top photo shows a branch from a really unusual tree called Erythrina crista-galli, or Brazilian Coral Tree. Is that cool or what? As you can imagine, it’s not even remotely hardy enough for this area! According to one of my sources, it’s hardy to zone 8 — we’re in zone 5 — and very frost-tender. Darn.


University of Basel Botanical Garden

The photo to the left is of those huge ‘Victoria’ water lily leaves, which were growing inside the aquatic plant conservatory (see bottom photo). Boy, would I like to have a conservatory like that! (are you listening, honey?) It was just filled with all sorts of water plants, both in the large pool in the center of the building as well as other pools that ran along the inner perimeter of the conservatory. There were even a bunch of fish in each of the pools, which were fun to look at.

University of Basel Botanical Garden

Another greenhouse was filled with dry plants like cactus and succulents, and they had a lot of carnivorous plants outdoors. My niece would’ve loved seeing them since she’s crazy about carnivorous plants!

All in all, a great garden. If you’re ever in Basel, I’d heartily recommend visiting the University of Basel botanical garden.