Food Preservation and Safety Classes

food preservation

Well, it’s that time of year again. The awesome folks at Extension have scheduled all sorts of helpful food preservation classes. Some are free talks at local libraries and some are hands-on courses at Spokane County Extension. Anna Kestell is the Food Preservation/Safety Education Coordinator and she has worked tirelessly to get the Food Preservation program up and running again after […]

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How to Make Grape Juice

My husband, Bill, and I grow three kinds of grapes: ‘Canadice’, ‘Glenora’ and ‘Vanessa’. The first to ripen is ‘Glenora’. Sometimes we use the grapes for jelly and oftentimes we make grape juice. Doing the latter is very simple, especially if you have a steamer/juicer. Let’s go through the steps:   1. Pick the grape clusters, leaving them on the […]

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