How to Make Vegetable Soup

vegetable soup

OK, so you grew a bunch of lovely veggies this year. Now what? How about using some of them to make a big pot of yummy, homemade vegetable soup?

I’m a lucky gal. My Mom was an awesome soup-maker. Some of my best memories — aside from eating them, of course — was sitting at the breakfast bar in the late afternoon, working on my homework while she was nearby making homemade soup. I always kept a casual eye on the proceedings in between working on math problems or diagramming sentences and such.

Mom made all kinds of soups and they were always delicious and seasoned perfectly. Well, getting to watch her all those years must have inspired me because I absolutely love making soups to this day.

If you aren’t into making your own soup, perhaps my latest video will provide you with the courage to try it out. Soup is amazingly easy and quick to make: you just prep your ingredients ahead of time (i.e., chopping up your veggies) and then start adding them to the pot. Before you know it, it’s ready. Take a look at this video and see what you think:

As you can see, I have a secret ingredient to add near the end of the process that will flavor your soup beautifully. And this recipe incorporates all sorts of veggies from our garden: green beans, carrots, parsnips, onions or leeks, kale, garlic and celery. How cool is that?!

I hope this will give you a little inspiration. And what with this being Thanksgiving week, I’m thinking some chopped, leftover turkey would be a lovely addition to your next pot of soup! Happy cooking!