How to get those green tomatoes to ripen!

green tomatoes

It’s a topic of great interest to gardeners these days because they’re frustrated and watching the days zip by. The growing season is coming to close and none of us want to fill our basements or closets with green tomatoes, right?

As you might already know, I’ve been filming short videos on how to get your green tomatoes to ripen, because it works best when you do it in stages.

Here is the third in my series of videos about this topic, which covers the last few things you should try:

And just in case you missed the first two videos, here they are:

Video #1: How to Prune Back Tomatoes (usually done in early August)

Video #2: How to prune tomato plants to ripen tomatoes (late August)

green tomatoes


I hope all of these videos are helpful to you. I’d love to hear how these methods worked. Just drop me a line at Happy gardening to you all!