Vegetable garden tour #4

potato, vegetable garden tour

This summer, I’ve been taking you along on a vegetable garden tour about every 3 weeks. I can scarcely believe we’re at the end of August¬†already, but I think you’ll see some changes in my garden for this 4th tour:

With September just around the corner, I’m really starting to focus on harvesting as many crops in the next couple of weeks as possible and keeping an eye on those that will need a bit more time to mature. My tomatoes are the biggest hold-up right now but I’m hoping that the severe pruning I recently did will get them to ripen.

If you missed my previous video tours, here are links to them:

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Each of the above links will go directly to those videos on my YouTube channel. But I wanted to make sure you knew that there are a LOT of my videos — especially on how-to gardening topics — on my channel so be sure to visit it often. Also, on, there is in index to my videos under the “Videos” menu. They are grouped by topic (i.e., birds, flowers, vegetables) to make it easier for you to find specific videos.

I plan to do another video in a few weeks and I’m sure the garden will look significantly different by then!