Vegetable garden tour #3

leeks, vegetable garden tour 3

Hi, everyone. This year, I’ve been filming a video of my vegetable garden about every 3 weeks so you can see how things are growing.

Just in case you didn’t catch it on Facebook, I wanted to share video #3 with you here:

Purple Teepee bush bean, vegetable garden tourI hope you are enjoying these videos because I’m always amazed by the transformation that takes place in a garden each growing season. Plants that were puny in early spring are suddenly thriving and bearing fruit. Little problems come up that one wasn’t expecting — and I’m certainly not immune to those! I’ve decided they are great learning opportunities.

So if you’ve had any problems this season (other than our crazy weather), be sure to jot them down in a notebook or journal. I always think I’ll remember things from one year to the next, and quickly discover my memory isn’t so great after all.

Stay tuned for the next video in August! And, as always, happy gardening!