Vegetable garden tour #1

vegetable garden tour

I have been busy, busy, busy out in our vegetable garden lately! Everything has been planted and is growing well despite the crazy temperature extremes we’ve been experiencing. I thought you might like a vegetable garden tour.

We live on 5 acres and have a pretty large garden where we grow just about every vegetable crop imaginable. There are (21) 3’x8′ raised beds, (2) 3’x16′ beds for growing raspberries, and (3) 4’x16′ beds for growing corn, tomatoes, winter squash and pumpkins.

Here’s a peek at the garden:

In the video, I neglected to clarify a couple of things because we were trying to keep it short and sweet. But here are three items I wanted to share with you:

  • There are 3 beds containing crops that will remain covered with floating row cover for the entire season: I mentioned the cabbage bed in the video, but the same applies for the kale bed, and the Swiss chard and beet bed. That’s to protect the kale from the cabbage butterfly and subsequent cabbage worms, and to protect the Swiss chard and beets from leaf miners. This method works really well.
  • The only bed that will stay covered with bird netting for the entire season is the lettuce bed. That’s because certain birds think lettuce is delicious! Call me greedy, but I just want the lettuce for our dinner table, LOL.
  • The “special type of pea” that I referred to in the video is called ‘Sugar Magnolia’. This sugar snap pea will have purple pods. I got a sample packet at the garden writers conference last fall so was anxious to try them.

I hope your veggie gardens are doing great! Happy gardening!