Product review: Edwardian Bird Feeder

Nothing is too good for my sweet bird friends! Here is the latest addition to the bird feeders in our garden: an Edwardian Bird Feeder from Gardener’s Supply. Isn’t it a beauty?

Edwardian bird feederAs you can see, the birds think it’s quite wonderful. While the design is attractive, it has an extra benefit that I’m sure many of you will appreciate: this is a squirrel-resistant feeder… or at least as squirrel-resistant as one can hope for, knowing how wily those little critters are. That’s the purpose of the little cage surrounding the seed tube. But the cage will also keep out larger nuisance birds such as magpies.

While we’re on the subject of squirrels, however, I wanted to share a little information with you. I’m fortunate in that there aren’t any squirrels in my garden but I know they’re a problem for a lot of gardeners. Here are three tips for you:

  1. Don’t locate your bird feeder next to a tree, house or other structure they could climb. They’re little opportunists, you know!
  2. If squirrels are a big problem for you, also consider using a metal pole that they won’t be able to climb.
  3. Some folks will also put a metal baffle on the pole about 4 feet above the ground. The baffle will flare out from the pole, making it just about impossible for squirrels to get around them. (I say “just about impossible” because they’re pretty darned clever!)

OK, back to my new bird feeder. It is made of metal (powder-coated steel) and easy to refill with seeds. The dimensions are 14″ high and 9 1/2″ in diameter — quite a nice size. But I have to say my favorite attribute is how decorative it is. It looks very attractive hanging from the pergola that covers our back deck.

The Edwardian bird feeder retails for $39.95.

The birds think it’s great, judging from the amount of “customers” it gets! I sure hope they realize how pampered they are…