Review: Stack-n-Grow Light System

As you’ve probably discovered, I’m VERY into starting my own plants from seeds! In my opinion, being successful at it requires a decent grow light set-up.

While it’s true that you can put your flats of seeds in a sunny window, there’s two problems with this: 1) seedlings need about 16 hours of light daily which isn’t feasible since our days aren’t long enough during seed-starting season, and 2) it’s not always sunny!

About a month ago, I started using the Stack-n-Grow Light System from Gardener’s Supply because I was impressed by the fact that you can add onto it. I have the basic model, but you can add anywhere from one to three more grow light levels to it. Very cool.

The frame is made from polypropylene so it’s very durable yet lightweight. The dimensions are 31″ long x 15 1/2″ deep x 21″ high, which fits perfectly along one of my narrow kitchen walls. I’m able to fit 3 seed-starting kits underneath it (see photo), so it’s an efficient bluebird-plant-light-007-editPSuse of space for my needs.

It comes with (2) 36″-long grow lights (T5, which are very efficient) that have reflectors so the maximum amount of light will get to your seedlings. As you can see by the close-up photo, you can easily raise and lower each grow light (see bottom photo), based on how tall the seedlings or seedling covers are. The lights are lightweight, so it’s easy to fine-tune the lights. I like that since my old grow light set-up uses heavy fluorescent lights that are awkward to adjust.

Gardener’s Supply also sells a table-top version, which would be ideal for those with limited space.bluebird-plant-light-009-editPS

What do they cost? The single Stack-n-Grow Light System is priced at $169. If you want to add more layers to it, they are just $125 each. The tabletop version runs $159.

If a grow light set-up doesn’t fit into your budget this year, and you’re a passionate about gardening, consider setting aside a few bucks each month this year so you can afford one for next year!