Mar. 20 column: Anthocyanins

Happy Spring, everyone!

Are you familiar with anthocyanins or am I making you scratch your head? They are pigments that give purple, red and blue hues to different species or varieties of plants — whether it’s in their leaves or flowers.

And they’re very healthful, although scientists haven’t completely figured that part out just yet!

anthocyaninsIt just so happens that my column in today’s edition of The Spokesman-Review is about anthocyanins — what they are and what they do for us — and then I list interesting vegetable varieties with high concentrations of them.

This year, I’ve selected some different veggie cultivars to grow in my garden — won’t it be colorful?!

Here’s a link to my column: Red, blue, purple crops add color to the garden, health to the body. I hope you’ll find it interesting and that it will encourage you to plant varieties that are rich in anthocyanins.