Feb. 21 Column

lettuce, organic gardener's handbook

Well, today’s an exciting day: my first column of the 2016 garden season runs in The Spokesman-Review! Here is a link to it online: Getting grounded. Since I know you like to be on top of the latest garden news, cool and exciting new vegetable varieties are the focus of today’s column. I only had room to profile 16 of them for the newspaper but I’ve also created a slideshow of many more.

In addition, there is a list of the vegetable varieties I’m growing in my own garden this year included with my column. However, I recently created a table of those varieties under the “Guides” heading on my website. This link will take you right there.

The gorgeous head of lettuce pictured above is ‘Roxy’ and came from the folks at Seeds of Change. How would you like to have that in your garden and on your salad plate? Yum.

I hope you will enjoy both the column and the slideshow!

By the way, I recently created a slideshow on some of the latest flower varieties for 2016 so you might want to check that out as well.

Happy gardening!