Oct. 4 column: Vegetable report

vegetable report

2015 was a great year for growing peppers!

Well, I hope this won’t make you sad, but my column in today’s edition of The Spokesman-Review is my last one for the 2015 garden season. But not to worry! I’ll be blogging away and posting to my Facebook page all fall and winter long! And you’ll start seeing my columns again in about the third week of February.┬áBut before I get too distracted, here’s a link to today’s column: Hot summer skewed garden results. This one is a season wrap-up which includes a vegetable report on how some of the newer varieties I grew this year did.

vegetable reportI’m always hearing from readers that they love seeing the list of what I plan to grow in my first column each February. But what I think is also important is letting you know how they performed in my garden, hence this vegetable report.

As I mention in my column, it might be a bit unfair of me to judge their performance solely on what turned out to be a very challenging growing season. For those of you who don’t live in the Spokane or Inland Northwest, we had an exceedingly hot, dry summer. Some plants thrived in the heat and others struggled. And so did this gardener, for that matter!

I hope you’ll enjoy today’s column. Remember you can always email me (inthegarden@live.com) with a question or a suggestion of what you’d like to see on either this blog or on my Facebook page. I’m always happy to oblige!

Happy gardening!