May 17 column: Tomatoes in containers

Tomatoes in containersHere is a link to my column in today’s edition of The Spokesman-Review: Contain tomatoes, not excitement. This one is about growing tomatoes in containers.

I had the pleasure of consulting with Spokane County Master Gardener, Marilyn Lloyd, as she’s been growing them — along with other types of veggies — in containers for about a dozen years. She had a lot of helpful tips to share.

Tomatoes in containersThe photo to the left is of the ‘Indigo Blue’ tomato she grew in a pot a couple of seasons ago. She definitely has a green thumb.

Many of us are blessed with garden spaces that will accommodate sun-loving tomato plants, but I wanted to be sure to include folks who don’t have space or perhaps not enough sunlight. Fortunately, growing tomatoes in pots is a perfect option! You can even move them around a bit to follow the sun.

Now we can all dream of harvesting those mindbogglingly fabulous, fresh tomatoes!