15 Fabulous Daylilies to Add to Your Garden

daylilies - Circumradiant Dawn

Are you looking for easy-care perennials to add some pizzazz to your garden? Daylilies are truly one of the best plants you can buy. They have breathtaking blossoms, attractive strap-like foliage that looks good all season long, they don’t need a ton of water, and they’ll even deadhead themselves for you!

While on a recent tour of gardens in the Buffalo, NY, area during the garden writers conference, we were treated to a visit to Lasting Dreams Daylilies. Their massive beds were absolutely filled with blooms. Each time I thought I’d found the most gorgeous daylily, I quickly discovered another that was even more stunning just a few steps away.

So I decided you absolutely MUST know about the following daylilies so you can create a wish list and add a few to your own garden. You can view their catalog at the above link and, believe me, they have hundreds of cultivars for you to choose from!

You’ll notice I’ve included information on whether the daylily type is diploid or tetraploid. According to the American Hemerocallis Society, this refers to the number of chromosomes in the plant, with diploid having 22 chromosomes and tetraploid having 44 chromosomes. Diploid daylilies tend to have more elegantly-shaped blossoms, whereas as tetraploids are known for having larger flowers and more vigorous growth.

Daylilies thrive in the sunshine so be sure to choose a nice sunny spot for yours.

Remember that you can click on any of the photos to view a much larger image (so you can drool over it!).

Gothic Window: 26″ tall, tetraploid, 6″ blooms

daylilies - Gothic Window

Panda Bear: 25″ tall, tetraploid, 5″ blooms

daylilies Panda Bear

Paranoid Lovesick (this name cracks me up!): 29″ tall, tetraploid, 5.5″ blooms

daylilies Paranoid Lovesick

Circumradient Dawn: 36″ tall, tetraploid, 6″ blooms

daylilies - Circumradiant Dawn

August Flame: 38″ tall, diploid, 5.25″ blooms

daylilies August Flame

Festive Art: 30″ tall, tetraploid, 5″ blooms

daylilies Festive Art

Beyond Thunder Dome: 36″ tall, tetraploid (dreamy color, isn’t it?), 5″ blooms

daylilies Beyond Thunder Dome

Shrimp and Grits: 22″ tall, tetraploid, 6″ blooms

daylilies Shrimp and Grits

Brave Kemo Sabe: 30″ tall, tetraploid, 5.75″ blooms

daylilies Brave Kemo Sabe

Purple Cheetah: 32″ tall, tetraploid, 7.5″ blooms

daylilies Purple Cheetah

Lord of Lightning: 26″ tall, tetraploid, 6″ blooms

daylilies Lord of Lightning

Armed Azerbaijanies (a very unusual name!): 45″ tall, tetraploid, 6″ blooms

Daylilies - Armed Azerbaijanies

Be Here Now: 28″ tall, tetraploid, 6″ blooms

Daylilies - Be Here Now

Betty Ford: 30″ tall, tetraploid, 5.5″ blooms

Daylilies - Betty Ford

Leslie Renee: 24″ tall, tetraploid, 5″ blooms

Daylilies - Leslie Renee