June 25 Column: Dealing with Weeds

weed strategies, creeping wood sorrel

dandelion, weed strategiesDon’t we all hate weeds? After all, they get in the way of the lovely plants we’ve placed in our gardens on purpose. I recently had a request to share some of my weed strategies, so have written a column on that very subject. Here’s a link to it in today’s edition of The Spokesman-Review: Best weeding tools are your fingers, but mulching and other things can help.

You will find that everything I suggest is an organic solution. I know that a lot of folks like the “quick fix” herbicides but those chemicals cause more problems than what they are trying to address in their gardens.

But each of the weed strategies I employ works well and is quite simple. I’m hoping you’ll all take the pledge to leave the chemicals behind and go organic!! (and “going organic” does not mean going weedy, by the way)

For additional information on dealing with weeds — plus clarification of the methods I wrote about — here is this week’s “Everyone Can Grow A Garden!” video: