Sept. 11 column: Overwintering geraniums

overwintering geraniums

For years, I’ve grown geraniums in pots on my front porch. At the end of each garden season, I’d toss them in the compost pile. That seemed like a huge waste of money to me. Then I learned that overwintering geraniums is easy as can be.

That’s the subject of my column in today’s edition of The Spokesman-Review. Here’s a link to it: Geraniums can be stored, enjoyed again.

In the fall of 2014, I filmed a video on overwintering geraniums and discovered there must be a lot of folks out there who were wondering how to do it, too, because it’s been viewed by nearly 30,000 people so far! Wow. Take a look:

I’ve also filmed some follow-up videos, which I wanted to share with you so they’d all be in one place.

This is part 2, which covers potting up your geraniums:

Here’s another of my videos on the topic:

And here’s the last one I filmed, which is titled “Overwintering Geraniums (2016): Final Update”:

If you’re curious, I have shot 250+ videos on a wide range of gardening topics (including many how-to’s) as well as videos of the birds and wildlife in and around my garden. You can find all of them on my YouTube channel.

If you have any questions about overwintering geraniums, just drop me a note at Happy gardening!