January 15, 2018

What’s Happening in My Garden World?

  • My first happy piece of news is that I will be writing the garden columns again for The Spokesman-Review! The first one will appear on Feb. 25th. Even if you don’t subscribe or live in this region, I always provide links to my columns online.
  • Our winter has been surprisingly mild so far. We’ve received about 25″ of snow to-date (the norm for Spokane is about 46″ each season) but have had plenty of warm-ups from time to time.
  • Even so, we did have some very cold temperatures in December, so the lettuce in my hoop house is completely done. The kale, spinach and corn salad (mache) are still growing.
  • I’m finally starting to grow microgreens indoors for use as salad greens. I recently wrote a column about them, including how incredibly nutritious they are, so be sure to check it out if you missed it. This is a very easy way to augment your diet with the greens your body needs during the winter months!
  • I’ve ordered all of my seeds for this year’s garden and they are slowly starting to arrive. I feel like a kid in a candy store! Keep an eye on my blog and Facebook page (facebook.com/susansinthegarden) for information on the crops I’ll be growing this year as well as details on some very useful tools.
  • If you ever have garden questions or are looking for an organic solution to a problem, drop me a note at Susan@SusansintheGarden.com. I’d love to hear from you!

Events Coming Up:

  • Jan. 18 _ Soil Science class. Spokane, WA. More info.
  • Jan. 22 _ Food for Thought Book Club Meeting. Spokane, WA. More info.
  • Jan. 25-28 _ Tacoma Home & Garden Show. Tacoma, WA. More info.
  • Jan. 25 _ Forestry and Firewise Landscaping. Spokane, WA. More info.
  • Feb. 1 _ Introduction to Entomology. Spokane, WA. More info.
  • Feb. 5 _ Idaho Master Gardeners Horticulture Class Series: Identifying Idaho’s Trees. Coeur d’Alene, ID. More info.
  • Feb. 7-11 _ Northwest Flower & Garden Show. Seattle, WA. More info.
  • Feb. 8 _ Pesticide Use, Noxious Weeds and Weed Mgmt. Spokane, WA. More info.
  • Feb. 12 _ Idaho Master Gardeners Horticulture Class Series: Managing Your Backyard Forest. Coeur d’Alene, ID. More info.
  • Feb. 15 _ Plant Healthcare and Integrated Pest Mgmt. Spokane, WA. More info.
  • Feb. 17 _ Idaho Horticulture Class Saturday Series: Beginning Honey Beekeeping. Coeur d’Alene, ID. More info.
  • Feb. 17 _ Farm to Festival: Introduction to Agri-Tourism. Spokane, WA. More info.
  • Feb. 21 _ Urban Goat Keeping. Spokane, WA. More info.
  • Feb. 22-25 _ Spokane Home and Yard Show. Spokane, WA. More info.
  • Feb. 22-25 _ Portland Spring Home and Garden Show. Portland, OR. More info.
  • Feb. 22 _ Plant Disease and Diagnosis. Spokane, WA. More info.
  • Feb. 24 _ Idaho Horticulture Class Saturday Series: Growing in North Idaho Workshop. Coeur d’Alene, ID. More info.
  • Feb. 26 _ Food for Thought Book Club Meeting. Spokane, WA. More info.
  • Feb. 26 _ Idaho Master Gardeners Horticulture Class Series: Ways to Preserve Your Harvest.Coeur d’Alene, ID. More info
  • Feb. 28 _ Starting a Community Garden. Spokane, WA. More info.

What’s New on SusansintheGarden.com…

Seed-Starting Scheduler! I’ve created an easy-to-use form to help you keep your seed-starting projects on track. I use this every year so I always know what needs to be planted or transplanted, and how many plants I will need.

Events! You will not believe how many garden-related events are already scheduled for the coming months. Be sure to check the Events calendar regularly so you don’t miss out on useful classes, garden shows and so on.

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My Backyard Birds Guide! I’ve been adding some new birds to my special guide. Take a look to see which ones and learn about the amazing birds in our gardens.

Organic Pest Control Guide! Have you visited my new Organic Pest Control Guide yet? I will add to it every time I learn of organic ways to deal with the insects that are problematic. You are most welcome to nominate other insects for inclusion in the guide! (email: Susan@SusansintheGarden.com) 

2017 Columns! You can easily access my columns by going to the index that will link to them on my website. It includes the topic of each column.

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