2012 Columns

DateHeadline & LinkTopic
Feb. 26, 2012Get ready to garden; it's the perfect time to plan, dreamSeason intro
Mar. 3, 2012Starting with seedsSeed starting
Mar. 11, 2012Time to try new varieties of veggiesNew vegetable varieties
Mar. 18, 2012Best gardens start from ground upSoil and composting
Mar. 25, 2012Some cool optionsCabbage and kohlrabi
Apr. 1, 2012Carrots, greens can start nowCarrots and lettuce
Apr. 8, 2012Save some space for these beautiesNew plants for 2012
Apr. 15, 2012Give your seedlings a healthy head startHardening off plants
Apr. 22, 2012Prime cutsCut flower garden
Apr. 29, 2012Get ready to plant squash, pumpkinsWinter squash
May 6, 2012Savvy gardeners holding steady on tomato plantsTomatoes
May 13, 2012Pesticide-free orchard worth the additional effortOrganic fruit production
May 20, 2012A peony for your thoughtsGrowing peonies
May 27, 2012Working in the fieldSpokane Country Club school project
June 3, 2012Make your list; Friends of Manito set for spring saleFriends of Manito plant sale
June 10, 2012Gorgeous gardensSpokane in Bloom tour
June 17, 2012Blessed by berriesGrowing berries
June 24, 2012Make a splashEasy water features
July 1, 2012East Valley garden produces education, pride for communitySchool community garden
July 8, 2012Planting partnersCoeur d'Alene garden tour
July 15, 2012Fencing, chimes keep deer awayDealing with deer
July 22, 2012Hibiscus is in his heartHibiscus
July 29, 2012Brimming with beansGarden update
Aug. 5, 2012Elevate the quality of your gardenProfile: Ann Windham
Aug. 12, 2012Organic cherries aren't for the birdsOrchard update
Aug. 19, 2012Avoid pesticides to help protect pollinatorsGarden pollinators
Aug. 26, 2012Grafted tomatoes prove worthy of diverse climatesGrafted tomatoes
Sept. 2, 2012Garden desiresFriends of Manito plant sale
Sept. 9, 2012Struggle with houseplants? Give African Violets a tryAfrican Violets
Oct. 7, 2012Time is ripe to give final grades on gardenSeason wrap-up