Susan’s Most Popular Gardening How-To Videos

overwintering geraniums, how-to gardening videos

For the past few years, I have been shooting gardening how-to videos because I want to make gardening accessible to everyone.

I first learned how to create my own videos at a “Video Storytelling” conference I attended in Victoria, B.C. I use a video camera and the iMovie app on my iPad to put everything together.

So far, I’ve shot 223 videos and am hoping they have been getting better over the years! I post them to my YouTube channel ( garden) and to the video section of my website

You can imagine my surprise when I recently glanced at my YouTube channel and discovered the most popular video is “How to Overwinter Geraniums,” which I shot a little over 2 years ago. And I don’t mean a little bit popular. To date, it has been viewed 116,137 times!!! I was stunned. I originally got the idea to shoot a video on this topic because I had never overwintered a geranium in my life, but wanted to learn how to do it since I hated wasting them at the end of the season. I did some research on the method and got the camera out.

Now that I’ve seen how popular the video has been, it tells me that others wanted to know how to do it and that they found it helpful to watch me go through the steps. Very cool!

Here’s the video, just in case you’d like to check it out:

Which are the other most popular videos so far?

How to Prune Squash Vines for a Great Harvest (31,000 views)
Overwintering Geraniums: When and How to Pot Up (29,000 views — I’m detecting a trend here!)
How to Prune Squash Vines for a Great Harvest (13,000 views)

I hope you’ll visit my YouTube channel often, and perhaps even subscribe (it’s free). The benefit of subscribing is that you’ll know when I’ve posted a new video, and also you won’t have to watch my short introductory video each time you go to the page, LOL!