Re-sending Jan. 1 Newsletter

Hi, everyone. Tomorrow morning, I will be re-sending my January 1st newsletter to those of you who subscribe to it.

As you probably noticed, there was a problem with duplicate newsletters going out yesterday, along with non-functioning links within them, despite the fact that I had painstakingly put all of them in when I was preparing it for you.

I am so sorry to be cluttering up your in-box but I figured you’d probably like to have one where the links work! I’ve just done some troubleshooting and discovered that the newsletter program I use had a problem and the vendor has issued a fix. Once I ran that, and re-tested the newsletter, it worked perfectly. Big sigh of relief!

From here on out, I promise you will only receive these on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Oh, and if you didn’t realize I have a newsletter, here’s the scoop: They are filled with information on what I’m doing in my garden, what’s new on the website, an events calendar for the coming weeks, and my two most recent blog posts. You can sign up for the newsletter by looking in the righthand column of any page on There’s a small form were you fill in your email address (don’t worry, it’s a secure website and I promise I won’t use them for any other purpose); click on “Subscribe.” You will then receive an email asking you to confirm that you did indeed sign up for the newsletter. Once you do that, you’re all set.

No matter what, thank you for your patience!