Website survey results

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garden gate, surveyAs you know, I recently held a survey to ask you what you think of this website. The goal was for me to get to know you a little better and to find out how I could improve the site.

I want to thank everyone who shared their thoughts with me because your insightful responses were very helpful!

And I have to say that, while I wasn’t fishing for compliments by any means, you all had the nicest things to say and for that, I’m both humbled and grateful.

I thought you might be interested to learn about your fellow garden enthusiasts and some of their comments, so here we go…

The majority of respondents ranked themselves as intermediate-level gardeners. I really wasn’t sure what to expect but it sounds like most of you have a good idea of what you’re doing out in the garden but are looking for more information and ideas, which is great.

The top three areas of interest chosen were vegetables, flowers and organic practices… with attracting birds and pollinators a close runner-up. I know I focus a lot on growing veggies, but it sounds like I should be addressing flowers more as well!

The majority of you visit when I post a link to it from my Facebook page ( Quite a lot of you visit it weekly.

When I asked how many website features folks already knew about, the most common answers were the seed-starting guide, the calendar, the birdwatching guide and preserving the harvest. The features that were most unfamiliar were the photo galleries and book reviews.

Sixty-one percent of respondents were aware that I send out a free e-newsletter twice a month (on the 1st and 15th). If you are interested in subscribing to it, you’ll see a box in the right-hand column on each page. The newsletters announce new features on the website, what’s happening in the garden, coming garden-related events, and my two most recent blog posts.

What did folks like the most about “It’s friendly, upbeat… has local advice and tips… love the videos… it tells me how to preserve the harvest… enjoy the photos… we like seeing your garden and what’s happening in it…”

What did folks like the least? I asked for honest and constructive criticism and got it! (thank you!) Comments: “I prefer written information over videos… your videos should be shorter, the video intros are too long (I agree and will work on that), the navigation bar should have the “Home” link on the left (I can’t do anything about that, the program only alphabetizes the menus, sorry) and there should be fewer menus (already fixed that!)… keep it geared toward Spokane gardening…”

My favorite answer about what folks liked the least: “Kale!” (thanks for the chuckle)

What should I add to the site? Here are some of the best responses: “More local resources… a better garden calendar with more events… more step-by-step information… real-time reminders of when to start seeds… container gardening during the winter… greenhouse information… add Coeur d’Alene activities (I try, honest!), building organic soil… love seeing your garden but you should visit other people’s gardens (great idea)… seasonal reminder calendars (that’s on the site — Monthly Gardening Tips — but maybe not so noticeable)… blueprints/hardware for raised beds, hoops, hoop house… sample landscape plans… you should recycle gray water to water your garden… color combinations for containers… DIY watering systems…. xeriscaping… shade perennial gardens… sustainable living… mulching and composting.”

Wow, I’ve really got my work cut out for me! But all of this information is very helpful and I really do appreciate your taking the time to respond to the survey.

In case you’re wondering, the winner of my “Garden Goodies Giveaway” is Andrea Papanek. I wish I had enough goodies to send every one of you a prize! Thanks again.