Susan’s Garden – 2016 Vegetable Report Card

Here are my personal ratings on the performance of each of the vegetable varieties I grew during the 2016 season.
ArtichokeImperial StarC - Slow-growing, no productivity. I blame it on our crazy weather!
ArtichokeGreen GlobeB - So-so performance but we did get several artichokes to eat.
ArtichokeVioletta PrecoceD - No purple foliage to speak of, no fruits. Blaming the weather!
BasilItalian PestoB - It got off to a slow start, probably didn't like the changeable weather.
Bean, bushPurple TeepeeA - Very productive and flavorful. A winner!
Bean, poleItalian SnapB - Very productive but this variety seems to occasionally produce small tough pods so might try a new variety next year.
BeetsCylindraA - Produces well, matures quickly.
CabbageKalibosA - Produces manageable-sized heads, solid performer.
CarrotRed Core ChantenayA - Amazingly large roots, great flavor.
CarrotStaricaA - Great performer.
CeleryTangoA - Consistently does well in my Northern garden. Very productive and flavorful.
CornLusciousB - Usually performs well, its lower-than-usual grade is due to a shade problem on the bed, which we didn't discover until it was too late. Will plant again next year (after some serious tree pruning!)
CucumberStraight 8A - Incredibly productive, does well in my hoop house. Made plenty of relish!
KaleTuscan LacinatoB - Very poor germination for some reason, but finally got some plants going. Grew well, nice leaves.
LeeksKing RichardA - Consistently produces large, flavorful stalks.
LettuceMascara Red OakleafA - Produced really well.
LettuceRed RomaineA - Also an excellent performer, heat-tolerant.
MelonArava (honeydew)A - Produced well, very succulent, flavorful flesh.
MelonTuscan NapoliC - Didn't produce much, did have problem with pillbugs, will try again next year.
MizunaRedB - Poor seed germination but plants finally grew well. Quickly bolts in heat so need to grow earlier or later in season.
OnionCopraA - Grew well, stores well, will grow again.
OnionYellow SpanishB - Problems with development, won't keep for long due to this, but weather a contributor. Will grow again.
ParsnipHarris ModelA - Good germination, beautiful roots that store well.
PeasSugar MagnoliaA - Very prolific producer of purple snap peas. Great flavor, good in salads.
PeasLaxton's ProgressA - Very productive, sweet.
PepperMarconi RossoB - Really struggled with our temperature fluctuations this summer, not as productive as usual but will grow again.
PepperZavoryB - Billed as being "flavorful without the heat." I'm a spice wimp but have to say they are flavorful AND spicy! But very productive.
PumpkinDeep SpookieF - Crop failure due to shade problem on bed. Ordinarily productive, will grow again next year (after some serious tree pruning!)
SpinachEscaladeF - Zero germination no matter how many times I replanted it.
Squash, SummerTrombetta di AlbengaB - Not as productive this year (perhaps due to weather?) but very tasty squash.
Squash, SummerClarimoreA - OMG! This is a fantastic squash. Tender, flavorful, incredibly productive.
Squash, WinterLofthouse Landrace MoschataB - Butternut-style squash, not as productive this year (probably due to weather), will grow again next year.
Squash, WinterBlue BalletA - Small Hubbard-style, very productive despite weather issues. Will grow again.
Squash, WinterSweet Meat - Oregon HomesteadF - Crop failure due to shade issue, ordinarily does well, will grow again after serious tree pruning!
Swiss ChardRuby RedA - Gorgeous stalks and luscious leaves! Very productive and flavorful. A winner.
TomatoItalian PompeiiB - Produced fairly well but seems to be very susceptible to blossom-end rot.
TomatoAmish Paste - KapulerA - Incredibly prolific, huge tomatoes, flavorful and meaty. Seems resistant to blossom-end rot issues.
TomatoIndigo RoseC - OK, this one is productive beyond my wildest dreams but took a VERY long time to mature, hard to tell when they're ripe, kind of watery, not too flavorful.
TomatoBig ZacB - Purported to produce 4-6 lb. fruits, largest tomato was 2-1/4 lbs. but flavorful and meaty. Read my blog post: Big Zac report