Free herb plants!

Do you like free plants? Of course you do! We gardeners just love free stuff, right? I’m here today to tell you how easy it is to start herb plants.

In the rush to get the garden in last spring, I completely forgot to plant rosemary. Since we have cold winters in this region (USDA zone 5/6), we have to either grow them as annuals or pot them up in the fall and bring them indoors.

A few months ago, I was getting ready to make a tasty recipe that calls for fresh rosemary. I hated to go buy a bunch of it at the grocery store because I really didn’t need that much.

Then I remembered that my wonderful neighbor grows herbs in pots on her terrace. I asked if she had some (yes) and if she could spare a couple of sprigs of it (of course). She was very generous with those “sprigs” so we had more than we needed (thanks, Debbie!).

herbAfter making the recipe, we put the remaining stems into a glass of water. Within a few days, each cutting had rooted. Woohoo! I used a little rosemary here and there but quickly decided I should pot them up and see how they’d do.

As you can see by the photo, they have done GREAT! How easy was that?

In looking through some of my propagation books, I realized that most herbs can be propagated by cuttings pretty easily.

I’ve also located some useful online resources to get you started:

So, give it a try! You have absolutely nothing to lose.