Overwinter Canna lily bulbs: update #2

canna lilies

Well, here we are in mid-January so it must be time to check on the Canna lily bulbs I’m overwintering. As a quick re-cap, I dug up the bulbs after a frost, teased them apart, hosed them off, dried them well and then put them into storage. (see original video)

My storage method involves placing the bulbs into paper grocery sacks filled with shredded paper and storing them in our dark basement. I checked on them a month ago and they were doing great. I should also mention this is the first time I’ve tried overwintering Canna lily bulbs, so it’s been a learning experience for me!

canna lily

Green tips are a good sign!

I just checked on the bulbs today and, for the most part, the bulbs continue to do well. There are still plenty of green tips on the bulbs, which is great.

One thing I saw on a couple of bulbs that I wasn’t so crazy about was some blackened stalks coming off the bulbs. I could tell those stalks were soft so decided to toss them out.

What I’m learning is that the bulbs should continue to feel firm and have some white or greenish tips on them. There definitely shouldn’t be any signs of mold, and I’m happy to report I didn’t see evidence of that.

canna lily

I threw out this bulb due to the soft, blackened stalks.

After tossing those two bulbs, I returned the rest to their respective bags of shredded paper and back down to the basement.

When to pot them up? After doing some research, it sounds like I should do this about 8 weeks before the date of our last frost. Here in Spokane, that means I should take them out of storage by early March, pot them up, and place them in a sunny location. Stay tuned and we’ll see how things go!