Susan’s Vegetable Picks for 2015

vegetable picksI’m frequently asked what my favorite vegetable picks are. That can be tough to answer, though, because it’s often difficult to choose from so many wonderful offerings.

As you’ve probably noticed, I love trying new varieties because I’m always in search of the perfect tomato, the most tender bean and so on.

However, I’ve put together the following list of some of the best veggies I’ve grown, just to give you ideas for next year’s garden. Most varieties should be easy to locate at a large, well-stocked garden center. If you aren’t able to locate some of my vegetable picks, try searching for the variety name on the web. And if you’re still stumped, drop me a note! My email address is

Artichokes _ Green Globe, Imperial Star

Arugula _ Sylvetta

Basil _ Italian Pesto, Lettuce Leaf

Beans, Bush _ French Filet

Beans, Pole _ Italian Snap

Beets _ Cylindra, German Lutz, Chioggia

Cabbage _ Caraflex, Early Jersey Wakefield, Kalibos

Carrots _ Red Core Chantenay, King Midas, Starica, Tendersweet, Purple Haze

Celery _ Tango

Cilantro _ Slow Bolt, Sabor

Corn _ Luscious, Peaches & Cream, Silver Queen

Cucumber _ Straight Eight, Lemon

Eggplant _ Rosa Bianca (Italian), Ichiban (Japanese)

Kale _ Dwarf Siberian, Vates, Redbor

Leeks _ King Richard

Lettuce _ Red Sails, Vulcan, Outredgeous, Ruby Glow, Romaine, Buttercrunch

Melons _ Arava (honeydew-type), Napoli (Tuscan type), Alaska hybrid

Onions _ Copra, Yellow Sweet Spanish, Walla Walla Sweet, Highlander

Parsnips _ Andover, Cobham Improved, Hollow Core

Peas _ Green Arrow, Golden Sweet, Laxton’s Progress

Peppers _ Sunset Mix, California Wonder

Pumpkins _ Spookie Deep Sugar, New England Pie, Casper (white)

Spinach _ Bordeaux

Squash, Summer _ Romanesco, Sunburst pattypan

Squash, Winter _ Sweet Meat, Sweet Dumpling, Delicata, Lakota, Blue Ballet or Baby Blue Hubbard

Swiss Chard _ Bright Lights, Peppermint Stick, Pot of Gold

Tomato _ Jet Star and Chef’s Choice Orange (slicing); Sungold (cherry); Fantastico (grape); Amish Paste – Kapuler and Italian Pompeii (paste)