Potato grow bag update #1

grow bag

This is the grow bag before…

Remember how I planted some of my seed potatoes in a grow bag about a month ago? (here’s a video about that, as well as on how to plant potatoes, on my YouTube channel.)

Well, I was checking on it today and noticed that the potatoes had sprouted pretty well so it was time to add a bit more organic potting soil to the grow bag. Once I finished doing that, I moved up the drip irrigation tubing to the top of the bag again.

grow bag

…and this is after!

You can see that the top rim of the bag is still rolled down a bit. That’s to allow plenty of sunlight to hit the plants as they’re growing. I anticipate needing to top off the bag in a couple of weeks and then just let everything grow!

I’ll keep you posted on how they’re doing…