Recommendation for slicing tomatoes

tomatoesI’ve been growing tomatoes in my garden for a very long time. And I’m always on the lookout for great varieties of cherry, slicing and paste types.

I’m delighted with ‘Sungold’ cherry and ‘Italian Pompeii’ paste tomatoes, for example, but have never found the ultimate slicing tomato. Until now, that is.

And the winner is (drum roll, please), ‘Jetstar‘. What, you’ve never heard of it? Up until spring 2013, I hadn’t either. Then I saw it listed in the Harris Seeds catalog and its attributes (72 days, large clean fruit that resists cracking, heavy producer) made me order some.

I have been very impressed with it both last year and this season. The plants are strong growers and produce the most beautiful, large fruits. That’s a big deal to me because I live in an area where the seasons are short, which often means you have to settle for smaller varieties.

We’ve been eating the tomatoes for about a month now. Today, I harvested about 20 tomatoes off my plants and as you can see in the photo above, they’re just gorgeous! And of course, they are delicious, too. Perfect for just eating as-is, adding to sandwiches or salads, and so on.

I’m pleased to make the recommendation of ‘Jetstar’ to you because it meets all of my criteria for a great tomato. I hope you’ll give it a try next year.