Vegetable garden update

Vegetable garden

Here’s a look at the tomatoes in my greenhouse.

It’s high time I gave you an update of my preparations for, and status of, this year’s vegetable garden.

What’s growing in the garden right now?

  • Carrots and parsnips – The seeds took a little longer than expected to germinate, even though I used the “board” method to help them germinate. I think it’s because of the cooler temperatures we’ve been experiencing.
  • Fava beans – I still have a row cover over their bed but the plants are starting to get bushy and are at least 6 inches tall. I’ll uncover them in a few days.
  • Potatoes – All three varieties (‘Viking Purple’, ‘Yukon Gold’ and ‘Norland’) that I planted a few weeks ago are up… just an inch or two but that’s a start, right?
  • Swiss chard and beets – The seeds have germinated and the seedlings are now about 2″ tall.
  • Lettuce – The seeds have germinated.
  • Arugula – The seeds are slowly germinating, not sure why they’re being so slow.
  • Fall garden – Yes, I’m still harvesting lettuce, onions, carrots and spinach from it! Crazy.

What’s in the greenhouse?

  • Tomatoes, peppers, celery, artichokes, cabbage and tomatillos. Everything is very ready to be planted out in the garden but all but the cabbage seedlings are going to have to wait another week or two. The tomato plants are going nuts, by the way, as you can see in the above photo. The plants must be close to 2 feet tall. Eek. When I plant them outside, I’ll plant them deeply so the plants can develop extra roots along the stems.

What will I be planting shortly?

  • I’m going to start my bean and corn seeds indoors tomorrow. They’ll need about 5 days to germinate, then I’ll let them stay indoors for another 5 days or so after that, just to give them a good start.
  • In about a week, I’m going to start my pumpkins, cucumbers, and winter and summer squash. They’ll also be indoors for about a week before I plant them in the garden. All but the summer squash will be grown in beds where the soil is covered with red plastic mulch; that will increase the soil temperature. Then I’ll cover the beds themselves with floating row cover for a couple of weeks so they stay toasty-warm. I did that last year and what a difference it makes!

OK — ¬†you are now up to date. So how is your garden coming along?